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At UIUC, we're dedicated to the professional development of our members and the furthering of their overall knowledge of nuclear sciences regarding legislation, community outreach, and engineering.

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Members of the Month
  • January-February 2022

    Harrison Brosius

    Harrison is a freshman from Aurora, Illinois and will be joining the plasma concentration. In January and February, Harrison talked to his local high school about nuclear energy and attended two of our general meetings!

  • November 2021

    Ethan Nicolls

    Ethan is a freshman from Rancho Palos Verdes, California and will be joining the power concentration. In November, Ethan attended the General Meeting, Friendsgiving and went to Madison Wisconsin to help with a youth workshop to teach kids about nuclear science!

  • October 2021

    Bella Pequette

    Bella is a freshman from Tinley Park, IL and is currently in Pre-Engineering but plans to join NPRE and power concentration with a focus on risk assessment. In October, Bella attended all the general meetings, outreach meetings and spent 3 hours at our NSW booth!

  • September 2021

    Riley Trendler

    Riley is a freshman in NPRE from St. Charles, IL and is in the plasma and fusion concentration. In September, Riley attended all three general meetings, the outreach meeting and volunteered at iHelp with other ANS members!

  • April 2021

    Elias Kokkinis

    Elias is a sophomore in NPRE from Bridgeview, IL and is in the power concentration. In April, Elias attended both outreach meetings and signed up to contact his representative!

  • March 2021

    Paola Silva

    Paola is a sophomore in NPRE and is also an officer for WiN. In March, she attended our outreach and general meetings, our talk with Harsh Desai, in addition to calling and following up with state legislators for the recent webinar!

Members of the Month

  • Ethan Nicolls November 2021
  • Bella Pequette October 2021
  • Riley Trendler September 2021
  • Elias Kokkinis April 2021
  • Paola Silva March 2021
  • Andrew Ernat February 2021
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Presenting the 2021 - 2022 Executive Board

Contact Us

If you are unsure of who to contact, feel free to email with general questions, comments, or concerns.

Gavin Davis - President

Gavin is a Senior in the NPRE department concentrating on Power, Safety, and the Environment with a minor in Computer Science. He has spent summers working under Katy Huff in advanced reactors and fuel cycles and the Naval Nuclear Laboratory, and will be working in nuclear physics for the Naval Nuclear Laboratory in New York after graduation. He enjoys music, photography, gaming, and scolding people for not wearing masks when they definitely should be. Plus he's cracked at smash bros.

Dilan Kurukulasuriya - Internal Vice President

Dilan is a senior in the Plasma and Fusion Science concentration and is pursuing a minor in both Physics and Mathematics. He is interested in materials research dealing with fusion science, which he works on at the Center for Plasma-Materials Interactions Lab. Outside of school work, Dilan enjoys spending time with his friends, climbing things, and straigt-up vibing.

Josh Hoffman - External Vice President

Josh is a junior in the Plasma and Fusion Science concentration in NPRE. He is currently working at the Laboratory of Computational Plasma Physics on the development of plasma-material simulation software. Outside of school and work, Josh enjoys being social(ly distant) with friends, playing video games, and cooking unnecessarily large quantities of beans.

Andrew Ernat - Treasurer

Andrew is an NPRE junior in the Plasma and Fusion Science concentration. He currently works at the Center for Plasma-Material Interactions under Professor Ruzic, specifically doing research on liquid Lithium technology. Outside of school, Andrew enjoys playing video games, cooking, hiking, and just generally vibing.

Jake Mitstifer - Secretary

Jake is an NPRE sophomore in the Power concentration. He currently works with the SoTeRiA Research Laboratory and is helping develop probabilistic risk analysis for advance reactors. In his free time, he is part of the Illini Esports Rainbow Six: Siege team and enjoys playing other games such as Civilization V. He also enjoys playing D&D with his friends and chilling.

Nataly Panczyk - Outreach

Nataly is a sophomore on the Power, Safety, and Environment track in NPRE. Outside of ANS, she is also involved in the Advanced Reactors and Fuel Cycles research group and is on the executive board for UIUC’s student chapter of Women in Nuclear. She recently interned for Idaho National Laboratory and hopes to continue exploring microreactor applications in the future. Nataly’s non-nuclear interests include cooking, yoga, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Nathan Ryan - Public Relations

Nathan is a Junior in Physics pursuing a minor in Math. If you have any questions about professional development with ANS, Physics, or engineering in general feel free to reach out. Outside of ANS, Nathan is a coordinator on the Engineering Outreach Bureau, and a research assistant at the Advanced Reactors and Fuel Cycles with Dr. Munk who enjoys cooking, playing volleyball, and exploring national parks.

David Leonhardt - Social Chair

David is a senior in the Plasma and Fusion Science concentration. He currently works at the Center for Plasma-Material Interactions conducting research on the use of atmospheric plasmas as tools for variable material surface depositions. Outside of ANS, he is involved in Illini Esports and a former captain of the competitive Rainbow Six: Siege team. When not doing school work, David enjoys reading, hanging out with his friends, and properly seasoning his chicken.

Paola Silva - Recruitment Chair

Paola is a Junior in NPRE with a concentration in power, safety, and the environment. This past summer, Paola worked as a Nuclear Fuels intern with the PWR group at Exelon. She is also involved in WiN (Women in Nuclear) where she further advocates for the importance of nuclear energy. Outside of school, Paola enjoys playing spike-ball, hanging out with friends and knitting.